Cubic Transportation Systems Makes MobilityXX’s Commitment to Increase Gender Diversity in Transportation

SAN DIEGO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS) business division of Cubic Corporation has made the MobilityXX Commitment, dedicated to increasing the number of women of all backgrounds in the transportation industry by 10% in 10 years.

Alarmingly, women make up only 15% of the transport workforce, and according to census data, the proportion of women in transport occupations has increased by only 3% from 2005 to 2019. Without a doubt, transportation is not the only area where women are under-represented, but the percentage is relatively low compared to other professions. In the United States, for example, women make up 36% of physicians and 37% of lawyers, but their participation in these fields has steadily increased.

MobilityXX is a partnership between the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America), The Ray and WTS International. It commits the entire transportation industry to give more women a place at the table by committing to at least two actions over the next year that promote diversity and increase numbers and influence. women within their organization. CTS is committed to advancing corporate sponsorship and employee resource groups, and to diversifying industry panels as part of its engagement.

“At Cubic Transportation Systems, we are constantly discussing inclusiveness with our employees, and it’s time to act and break down barriers for women,” said Jeff Lowinger, president of Cubic Transportation Systems. “In many of our teams at CTS, we have bold and innovative women who are making breakthrough changes that help our business grow stronger and grow, and we would like to see more of them in the industry. We are proud to engage with MobilityXX.

It is essential to bring more women and women of color into transport, especially in decision-making roles. Having more diverse voices to weigh will help address critical challenges in the transportation space, which will improve the traveler experience and organizational success. According to McKinsey & Company, companies in the first quarter for gender diversity in leadership teams are 21% more likely to outperform in terms of profitability.

Interestingly, despite the lack of women in the mobility industry, they spend more on transport than men, often due to managing domestic travel and shopping, and opting for safer mobility options. The median additional costs that women pay in New York City compared to men, for example, are $ 26 to $ 50 per month.

“As women use and invest more in public transit, they deserve a seat at the table and an opportunity to share their experiences,” said Bonnie Crawford, vice president and general manager of Umo. “There is a natural assumption that transit events need to be filled with executives, who are often men. Instead of stacking a conference panel with top executives, the transportation industry would benefit from leveraging talented women who often occupy subject matter expert roles at different levels. Operators and Product Specialists have an insight and closeness to customers that is incredibly valuable – and often inaccessible thereafter C. By bringing together a large cross-section of people, the entire industry will benefit from their shared experiences. ”

Today, Mobility XX launched its # 10in10 campaign, mainly on social networks, to raise awareness and encourage organizations to get involved. Check out Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook for the first ten days of October and help spread the word. To learn more, visit

About Cubic Corporation

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