Clinton County Sheriff’s Reports: Multiple Incidents of Domestic Violence, Thefts

WILMINGTON – The following information comes from incident reports provided by the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office. All those arrested are presumed innocent until eventually found guilty by a court.

The sheriff’s office recently dealt with these reports:

• At 5:42 pm on June 13, a woman called and reported that she had been hit by her boyfriend at a residence in Port William. A male resident has been listed as a suspect.

• At 6:35 pm on June 14, MPs were sent to a residence in Lynchburg / Clark Township over a report of domestic violence. A woman had reported that her boyfriend had “beaten her”. The report stated that she apparently had minor injuries and that drugs were involved.

• At 11:11 pm on June 11, MPs responded to the 200 block of Fife Avenue in Wilmington / Green Township with a report of domestic violence. According to the report, a 61-year-old man from Wilmington was injured by his 32-year-old son. Drugs were suspected to be involved and the victim had apparent minor injuries.

• MPs arrested a 41-year-old Midland man for suspected disorderly conduct at 5:16 pm on June 12 at a Pine Street residence in Midland. According to the report, deputies were sent in reference to a messy man. Upon arrival, authorities found the suspect to be “belligerent and intoxicated, causing concern and annoyance to his family,” according to the report.

• MPs arrested a 40-year-old man from Sabina for allegedly obstructing official business at 1:15 pm on June 12. Members of Parliament were sent to a residence on Hunt Road in Sabina / Richland Township on an active term. According to the report, the suspect provided false information about his identity.

• At 10:33 am on June 10, a 70 year old woman from Blanchester reported that someone had stolen her deceased brother’s gray 1989 Ford F150 and his Cub Cadet lawn mower between June 5 and 8. The report indicates that this took place at block 3200 of Tar Pike Road in Blanchester.

• At 3:10 am on June 10, two subjects from Clarksville reported that someone broke into their detached garage and stole several tools and car parts. According to the report, items valued at $ 5,102 were taken away. The incident took place on Nauvoo Road in Clarksville. A suspect has been identified.

• At 1:16 pm on June 13, a 64-year-old Leesburg man reported that several items had been stolen from a barn on Crouse Road in Washington Township. The report says items valued at $ 2,330, including an Acer Aspire 3 laptop, were stolen.

• At 7:00 pm on June 3, a 73-year-old man from Sabina / Wilson Township reported that two of his neighbors were driving four-wheelers on his property on State Route 72 North. The report said the grass had been damaged. An investigation is underway.

• At 2:13 pm on June 13, a 56-year-old man from Dayton reported that a catalytic converter had been cut from his motor home in a storage unit on US 68 North in Liberty Township.

• At 5:17 pm on June 11, a 25-year-old man from Clarksville reported that his Brown Les Paul Special Edition guitar had been stolen from his residence on State Route 350 West. A suspect has been identified.

• At 7:10 pm on June 5, a company in the Township of Sabina / Richland reported that a porta-pot had been stolen from them between May 29 and June 4.

• At 1:45 pm on June 8, a 40-year-old Washington court reported a theft at his business on State Route 73 West in Chester Township. The report did not specify what was stolen.

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