Cleveland auto mechanic counts his lucky stars after uncontrollable driver nearly cuts him down (video)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – Anthony Bartholomew, automotive technician from Cleveland, can sum up what he’s feeling in one grateful word. He was standing in front of the garage where he works when an uncontrollable car almost hit him.

“Ah man, pure adrenaline when it happened,” said Bartholomew, senior mechanic at Terry’s North Coast Auto. “I literally sat on our forklift, and something told me to look up, and there was a car within 10 feet in front of me.”

Bartholomew doesn’t have a scratch on him, and he wasn’t even late for work the next day. Without this electric pole, he knows he wouldn’t be here to talk to us.

“As fast as this vehicle was moving, I was very worried that I wouldn’t get out of it,” Bartholomew said. “Someone was looking down on me that day.”

This happened at around 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Bartholomew was working right in front of Terry’s North Coast Auto on St. Clair Avenue when a silver car crossed several oncoming lanes of traffic and crossed a utility pole, narrowly missing it. .

“Right after the vehicle turned and crossed the street over there, jumped over the sidewalk,” Bartholomew recalls. “The driver jumped up, ran over here, and got down St. Clair. “

Bartholomew believes the silver car was stolen. The passenger in the silver car tried to escape but was apprehended by men who claim the couple stole the car from them.

“He told me he got off at a local gas station down the street and went inside to have a drink, left his keys in the vehicle, and his boyfriend walked in. inside told him some guys were stealing his car, ”Bartholomew said. mentionned.

Cleveland Police did not respond to our requests, but to our knowledge the man driving the car is still there.

“When exiting to bring a vehicle in or out of the building, I take extra care, making sure no one is crossing the road,” the mechanic told 19 News.

The general manager of Terry’s North Coast Auto told 19 News it was the fourth crash like this to happen outside of his shop in the past year.

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