Check Out This Impeccable 1968 Plymouth Barracuda And Amazing Collection Of Classic Cars

Junk Yards and Barn Finds YouTube channel with Sean walks through a car show in Florida and talks to several owners about their classic cars.

Sean from Junkyards and Barn Finds with Sean goes to a Halloween car show to check out some of the classic cars and trucks available at the show. There, Sean meets a beautiful Plymouth Barracuda and has a chat with the owner to discuss the car and some more of its history.

Like most of Sean’s videos, this one has a lot of great classic cars along with some background on their history.

1968 Plymouth Barracuda

One of the first cars that catches Sean’s eye is a copper-colored 1968 Plymouth Barracuda. The classic Plymouth has a five-speed transmission, air conditioning fitted and a 76,000 mile odometer.

Sean has a conversation with the owner who confirms that this is a second generation Barracuda and that he performed restoration work on the car after purchase. The car previously had a gold exterior paint before updating it to its current color.

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The owner discusses some of the specs of the car and reveals that the underside of the car is stock and has factory disc brakes. The car was originally a 383 cubic inch 4-speed before modifications were made to bring the car back to its current condition.

The car has tires and brakes that are race ready although he does not personally race himself. The car is in a clean condition which is the result of hard work to restore the car to the owner’s personal preferences.

Well-preserved classics

Perhaps more impressively, the owner of the Barracuda did the paint job himself and added air conditioning to the car himself. He reveals that he has owned other classic cars in the past and uses his knowledge of those vehicles to update and maintain this Plymouth.

Sean talks about how 1960s Plymouths are growing in popularity and it’s great to see this one at the show. Sean also takes a look at a 1983 Chevrolet Camaro currently for sale.

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Some other vehicles in the video include a yellow 1969 Camaro Z28 with a 302 engine. The car has 81,000 miles and is clean inside and out. The show features a number of well-known classic cars like Corvettes and Bel Airs parked in the sun during the Florida show.

Sean is particularly impressed with a Pierce-Arrow which he describes as a “living room on wheels”. The well-preserved vehicle is a throwback to a very different era that has survived the test of time.

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