Check Out This Custom Cadillac Hearse Inspired by “The Munsters”

Thanks to the Barcroft Cars YouTube channel, we can see some very peculiar and ridiculous rides. This particular example is far from a pile of junk, but it definitely falls into the very particular category. It’s not intended for drag racing like a previously covered 1,000 horsepower Buick Hearse, but it has its own unique appeal. Meet the Cadillac hearse from General Motors that two brothers turned into ‘Campula.’

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The Story of Creepy Camper ‘Campula’

The Campula is the brainchild of brothers Christopher and Michael of Danvers, Illinois. He began his life as was his intention, to bring the recently deceased for their final drive to their final resting place. It was later bought by Christopher as a car/tattoo shop. Michael then had the idea of ​​making a motorhome out of it. Not a first choice for many, but the brothers swear you can sleep like a dead man in the RV. Christopher and Michael have always been into classic horror movies and felt it was fitting to pour a pinch of their love for monsters into the bubbling cauldron of their love for their hearse.

The 1960s hosted a range of classic monster movies and TV shows, including The Munsters, in which a character named Grandpa had a drag car named Dragula. This is where the inspiration for the Campula test tube baby came from. As a tribute to the original show, there is a painting of Grampa on the rear hatch.

What horrors hide in this beast

Caddy hearse2
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The Campula grunts its 5.7 liters of Cadillac power. The proportions of the car show how monstrous this car really is. At 9.6 feet tall and 7.6 wide, it’s taller and wider than most big pickups, but at over 18 feet long, it’s as long as a small bus. It has a net weight of 6,300 pounds, which is heavier than a blue whale’s tongue. The exterior, as the brothers explain, should be kept as classic as possible. The RV hearses are not original so that was a challenge in itself but they managed to make it work by reworking the lumbar decorations on the side and having a three rib design on the front .

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sleep like a dead man

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The interior of the hearse is actually quite nice. The tailgate opens in two parts. The bottom half opens out to the side revealing a counter and sink where they can get ready and clean up, while the top half opens up to reveal an area where they can protect themselves from the rain and where they can pull out a TV so they can watch horror movies while camping in the dark, deep woods. The interior is mostly covered in black carpet except for the floor which has mausoleum type carpeting. Behind the driver and passenger seats is the futon that folds into the bed. It’s a beautiful interior and if we had the chance, we would sleep here!

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