Catalytic converter thefts continue around Montgomery

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – Criminals target catalytic converters. The car part contains precious metals that some thieves steal for profit. It’s a growing concern across the county, including Montgomery.

“Our service truck, which is a Ford Ranger, was hit, and three other customer vehicles were hit,” said Noah Castleberry, auto service editor.

Castleberry works at an auto shop in Montgomery and knows several people across town who have been targeted.

He adds that the price to repair your car after its catalytic converter has been removed can be expensive.

“I would say parts and labor are between $600 and $1,000,” Castleberry said.

The Montgomery Police Department says one of the best ways to deter criminals is to park in a garage or in well-lit areas at night.

You can also engrave your vehicle identification number or license plate number on the converter to help you find it.

Montgomery County District Attorney Daryl Bailey told WSFA 12 News that many of the felons who commit these robberies are repeat bail offenders.

“It’s important to speak tough to them,” Bailey said. “Unfortunately, Alabama state laws don’t really allow it anymore. If you have a repeat theft offender, it’s next to impossible, if not impossible, to send them to jail and that’s because of our Alabama legislature.

He wants lawmakers to do more. This is why he calls on the community to reach out to its elected officials.

“If people are fed up, if they’re fed up, like me, the Legislature hears about me all the time, but they need to hear from constituents that ‘hey, wait a second,’ the prosecutor tells me. district you can’t go to jail if you steal my property. What are you going to do about it? “Bailey shared.

Anyone who has their catalytic converter stolen should call the police.

The MPD says you should dial 911 or 311 to report these crimes.

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