Beijing Motor Show 2022 postponed due to Covid-19

JThe Beijing Motor Show has again been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, marking the second time in as many attempts the event has been affected.

In February 2020, the Beijing Motor Show (Auto China 2020) was canceled due to the first wave of Covid which swept the country and later the world, and the return of the pandemic to Southeast Asia. East again affected the region’s largest auto show.

China was able to hold a motor show last year with Auto Shanghai in April, operating on a rotating basis with Beijing in the same way the Sydney and Melbourne motor shows previously operated.


Event organizer Auto China has announced that the 2022 show will be postponed, although a new date has yet to be confirmed.

“The widespread and frequent outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in many parts of China has posed a major challenge for epidemic prevention and control in the country,” Auto China said.

“In order to fully cooperate and implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements of the Beijing state and municipal government, effectively ensure the physical health and public health safety of exhibitors as well as good exhibition results, we, the Secretariat of the 2022 (17th) Beijing International Automobile Exhibition, have decided to postpone the auto show which was originally scheduled for April 21-30 this year.”

Among the concepts set to be unveiled in Beijing this year, Toyota’s BZ Corolla was expected to be one of the highlights, produced by the Japanese automaker in conjunction with Chinese automaker BYD for the local market only.

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