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Auto mechanic shop owner gunned down in Bacolod

BACOLOD CITY – An auto mechanic shop owner was shot dead in Barangay Villamonte here on Sunday, more than a week after a shooting incident also occurred here on July 9.

Jose Eduardo Boot, 37, from Barangay 39 here, was the 17th victim of a shooting here since June, and the fourth this month.

Police Maj. Ritchie Gohee, chief of Police Station 4, said unidentified perpetrators in a car likely waited for the victim to arrive at his store, where he was also temporarily staying.

The victim had just gotten off his motorbike when he was shot multiple times, Gohee said.

Gohee said the victim initially suffered 13 gunshot wounds to the body and died instantly.

Police recovered 21 shell casings fired and several bullets fired from an unknown firearm at the crime scene.

Gohee said they don’t yet have any leads on the motive for the murder. He mentioned that the victim had a previous complaint about his rental charges, but that had already been settled by the victim.

The victim’s employees also had no problem with him, Gohee added.

Gohee said they would review a copy of the nearby circuit television (CCTV) camera footage to see if it was able to capture the incident.



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