An ex-atheist uses a car to show the love of Jesus in the streets of Curitiba

Eric Cristofher is 26 years old and lives in Curitiba, capital of Paraná. Since April, he has been working for a carpooling company. As a Seventh-day Adventist, the Sabbaths he sets aside that day to commune with God and rest with his family. However, it has not always been so. Several challenges and trials are part of his trajectory.

An atheist for eight years, Cristofher met Jesus at age 20, and after studying the Bible, he decided to be baptized. “At the time, I understood that only Jesus saves, and that’s why we live here,” he says. His attachment to the side of Christ would bring him challenges and a life of daily evangelism in his future work.

Already at the beginning of his adult life, Cristofher felt a strong desire to buy a car to evangelize. Always attentive to promotions, he was waiting for the dream day when he could have his own car. At that time, he understood that God always meets the needs of human beings and therefore made a deal with the Lord: “God, I want to have a car to serve you. Whether [You] give me a car, all the songs that will be played there will be by Rádio Novo Tempo,” Cristofher recalls. He understood that the life of a carpool driver would also be a ministry of evangelization, and in this context of faith and faithfulness, he managed to acquire a car.

proof of loyalty

In addition to his activity as a carpool driver, Cristofher was looking for a second job. He managed to schedule an interview for the position of driver in a transport company. It seemed like everything was heading towards the much-desired hiring until the secretary informed him that the candidates selected for the vacant position had to work on Saturdays.

As Cristofher left this place with a broken heart, he prayed to God, saying that he would honor the agreement reached and not accept the proposal. That same day, the company secretary called to say he had been accepted for the job. He rejected it in order to honor the Sabbath commandment. In response to the position taken by the young Cristofher, the secretary declared: “The company does not [concede] Saturday.”

A week after this call, the same company called the contact back and informed Cristofher that management had spoken about his situation, as they were interested in his profile, and would give the young man the opportunity to work with Saturdays off.

Excited, still not believing what had happened, Cristofher thanked Jesus for the gifts he gives to those who are faithful.

My work, my ministry

Currently driving the streets of Curitiba, Cristofher is the only employee for whom the company has made an exception regarding Saturdays. The young man takes advantage of his two professions to evangelize. “In a carousel, the passenger was going to buy drugs. My car still works with Rádio Novo Tempo plugged in. At that moment, all I thought about was saving that boy. That’s when I started talking about Jesus. Soon he started to get emotional and gave up on going to that destination,” he says.

Crisofher has a motto in his heart: “The car is mine and Jesus’. We are partners.” He concludes: “I am passionate about cars and all this mechanical field. My big goal in having a car has always been to evangelize and save souls for the kingdom of heaven.

This article originally appeared on the South American Division news site

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