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Port Saint Lucie, Florida – The talent behind PASSTIME, Drag Race High and Roses ! All out are delighted to announce the launch of SPEEDtube (SpeedtubeTV – YouTube), a revival of classic automotive and motorsport TV shows once watched by millions of enthusiasts on the Speed ​​channel, and new content for everyone to enjoy. speed demons and fanatics.

Launching on November 2, SPEEDtube will debut with fan favorites such as ROSES ! Lose the race, lose your turn, PASSTIME, PINKS ALL OUT, PINKS ALL OUTTAKES and High Drag Race, with additional episodes added every Tuesday and Thursday.

Upcoming shows include 4X4 Garage, BURNOUT, Gearheads and Dream Garages, plus all-new programming, from racing coverage to building motorcycles and everything in between.

“We’re bringing back the classics and producing new original shows to satisfy even the most diehard fans of all things speed,” said Brian Bossone, Founder of Boss One Media, SPEEDtube’s parent company. “We’ve discovered over the last few years that there’s an audience clamoring for these shows and we wanted to give them what they want.”

Bossone, a former custom car shop owner and hot rod enthusiast, got his start in television when he appeared on the popular show ROSES. He was so good on the show that they asked him to lend his expertise and talent as a cast member on ALL PINK. From then on, the car entertainment hook was in place.

Bossone’s new head of content development at Boss One Media is none other than Ray Iddings, the producer of popular automotive shows including SPEND TIME, High Drag RaceIHRA Nitro jam and many more.

All programming on SPEEDtube will be streamed on its YouTube channel and will be free. New shows will be added and updated regularly. For more information, please visit www.SPEEDTubetv.com.

Beginner shows:

ROSES ! Lose the race, lose your turn: PINKS pits competitors against each other in a best two out of three format, with the loser awarding the title (pink slip) to their vehicle.

SPEND TIME: Name the time, earn money, it’s as simple as that! His first automotive game show. Competitors guess the times of the cars racing down the drag strip.

ALL PINK: Hundreds of the nation’s top drag racers bring their “A” game to the track in search of glory and their share or $18,000 in cash and prizes.

ROSES ALL RELEASES: Following the success of “Pinks All Out”, this series goes behind the scenes of the tournament racing event to explore what a phenomenal success the “Pinks” series has become.

High Drag Race: There’s pride and glory at stake as two rival high schools go head-to-head in the shop class and on the track.

Upcoming programming:

4X4 garage: See Chris Webb transform ordinary JEEPs into 4×4 beasts

BURN OUT: Two tech school hot rod classes battle it out in the store and on the track for bragging rights and scholarships, and oh by the way, the losing car is crushed.

reducers: Its Blood, Sweat and Speed ​​as a store in Houston Texas takes ordinary streetcars and turns them into one-of-a-kind beasts.

Dream garages: Dream Garages is about the beautiful collections of cars and the eclectic buildings in which they are housed.

Plus, plenty of new shows, from racing coverage to motorcycle builds and everything in between.

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(Boss One Media LLC. and SPEEDtube.com™ are not affiliated with Speed ​​Channel, FOX TV or any of their networks)

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