8 things we wish we knew before playing Scrap Mechanic

Scrap Mechanic is a creative construction and survival game. The game is still in Early Access but has plenty of content to enjoy. Scrap Mechanic offers three game modes: Creative, Challenge and Survival. In creative mode, you can build elaborate constructions and vehicles in peace. Challenge Mode gives you plenty of levels and crafting tasks to complete. But Survival mode is where the biggest challenge lies.

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Scrap Mechanic’s Survival mode is full of dangerous robots to defend against when you settle on the planet. You play as a mechanic who has crash landed on a farming world where farming robots have malfunctioned. Surviving this chaotic planet will take a long time, so here are some useful tips and tricks to use during your adventure.


8 Loot the crashed ship right away

Survival mode begins when your character wakes up outside of their crashed ship. It’s on fire, and it might be tempting to get away from it as soon as possible. But, before rushing into this massive replayable open world, you must first make sure to fully loot the ship you crashed into.

Around the ship, there will be many crates that you can open to collect loot which includes components and food to help you survive. It’s also a good idea to grab a bucket and head to a nearby lake. You can use the water to extinguish the flames on the ship and also explore the interior of it. Also be sure to enter the beds. The ship can serve as a first base before venturing further afield.

seven Give corn to the wocs

Wocs are friendly alien creatures that look a lot like cows. You will mostly find them in grasslands and forests. While you can kill these adorable creatures for a Woc Steak, it’s far better to save them for a reliable source of Woc Milk instead. This milk is an excellent source for thirst and hunger needs, especially early on when your farm isn’t fully set up.

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You need to feed the Woc corn pieces to produce the milk. You can find lots of corn plants everywhere. Just hit them with your hammer to get the coins. The Woc will produce a bottle of milk with three pieces of corn consumed. You can also use corn to attract Wocs to your base. Do not forget to feed them regularly, so that they do not disappear. This way you will have a healthy supply of milk.

6 Loot will respawn after a few days

Scrap Mechanic is full of wonderful resources and components to use. Even though the map is randomly generated, many structures will still be available. Warehouses and towers often have lots of damaged green crates to loot. Keep an eye out for golden boxes, as they will contain more valuable components, such as engines.

It helps to know that you don’t need to keep exploring further and further from your base. After a few days, the markers will be reset. When you return, they should have new crates to loot. Be sure to look everywhere in a structure. Sometimes chests are hidden, like in piles of hay. You want as many resources as possible, so keep looting as much as you can.

5 Water and saw blades deter robots

As with many deadly open-world games, you have plenty of enemies to watch out for in Scrap Mechanic. The world is full of dangerous robots to fight, such as Totebots and Haybots. Haybots, in particular, can be quite deadly as they often hunt in packs. If they get too close to you, a few hits and you can be quickly defeated.

Luckily, there are several ways to deter bots that will help you deal with them all more easily. Robots will avoid water, so building your base near water is a good idea. Also, if you have a bucket or a water cannon, if you spray them with water, they will be electrocuted for a few seconds, giving you time to do a few attacks. Robots are also very afraid of saw blades and drills. Decorate your base and vehicle with blades, and robots are less likely to attack. However, they eventually become more courageous and therefore are not a permanent solution to bot attacks.

4 It’s a good idea to protect your wheels

Your awesome custom vehicle is vital for exploration in this vast world of Scrap Mechanic. After finding the builder’s guide right next to the crashed spaceship, you can start building your first vehicle quite early in the game. But in the beginning, finding the necessary parts and keeping your vehicle running is more difficult.

While driving you will attract the attention of many robots which will probably hit the wheels and the engine first. A great way to combat this is to have a layer around the wheels to block these attacks. It could be as simple as a line of wood sticking out to go around the vehicle. This cheap and easy to make fender will help you avoid losing a wheel early on.

3 Growing crops will trigger attacks

For Scrap Mechanic, farming is not as peaceful as in other games. The helpful farming guide near the lake next to the crashed spaceship doesn’t prepare you for what happens when you plant too many crops at once. Early in the morning, you will be alerted that unauthorized breeding has been detected. A countdown will begin before a wave of robots arrives to try and destroy your crops. The higher the quality of your products, the more dangerous robots will be. Also, every night the robot waves will get stronger and stronger.

There are many ways to avoid this. For starters, having your farm well defended with walls and deterrents is a great start. You can also try having smaller plots of farmland for different crops, separating them into more manageable areas. It’s also a good idea to take breaks from farming to reset the raid level to a more manageable threat. As long as you are careful and organized, you should be free to farm without too much distress.

2 Revival wands are vital for multiplayer exploration

Being able to heal and revive your friends is essential when exploring structures far from your home. Some warehouses can be particularly difficult, with more advanced robots guarding them. When embarking on an adventure like this, make sure you and your friends have a sufficient supply of Revival wands. You can sometimes find them in Golden Crates. But it’s easier to go to the Cookbot and let them create those delicious meals for you. You need to give the wand to your dead friend to get him back into action.

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It’s important to note that you cannot use the Awakening Wands when playing solo. Instead, be sure to take a few beds with you when exploring. They act as a respawn point. So you can place a bed on your vehicle or outside a tower you plan to loot. Beware, however, that these beds only have a limited number of uses before they break. Your respawn point is therefore not permanent.

1 Quickly find major landmarks

Scrap Mechanic has several vital landmarks, but the most important are the Mechanic Station, Packing Stations, and Farmer’s Hideout. After the first few quests, you can get a waypoint to the mechanic station via your logbook. Otherwise, follow the main road and you will eventually come across it. This is also the case for the other stations.

The Mechanical Station provides a Craftbot and a Dispenserbot. Both are essential to progression, allowing you to create more bots and components. The station will help you improve your vehicle. As you add your unique style, this vehicle will soon become your pride and joy. Next, you’ll want to head to the Packing Stations to turn your crops into produce crates. You can sell these lots at the Farmer’s Hideout. Here you will get many unique items in exchange for crops that will help you thrive on this robot controlled planet.

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